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The Wynwood Coloring Book 2

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Wynwood is the largest street art district in the world and the most Instagrammable place on Earth. It’s only fitting that you’d like to take a piece of its colorful walls home with you. Fortunately, the second edition of The Wynwood Coloring Book comes packed with the fabulous street art that colors this exciting neighborhood located in sunny Florida.

Made with high-quality woodfree paper, The Wynwood Coloring Book 2 is designed to spark your creativity with the help of world-class Wynwood muralists. The illustrations are bonafide black and white replicas of murals from the Wynwood Art District in Miami. Discover your inner artist in 76 no-bleed through thick pages. The book includes an artist directory in full color.

Featuring the works of Miami’s favorite street artists Aquarela, Claudia la Bianca, Trek 6, Didi, Freaky Kiss, Kazilla, Marcus Blake, Chris Pyrate, Renda Writer, and Skott Marsi. It includes coloring pages based on The Wynwood Walls murals such as Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Case Maclaim, Ron English, Beau Stanton, and the former duo Interesni Kazki.

Coloring is a powerful relaxation technique that will give you countless hours of entertainment while you discover the patterns and styles used by professional street artists.
Discover your inner artist!

The only project that combines art, mindfulness, education, and giving back—all in one package!

“Taking this trend to another level!” – NBC News

“I purchased The Wynwood Coloring Book during my visit to Miami in Art Basel. This is the best souvenir. It’s affordable and full of amazing art. All my friends ask me about the book back home in Chicago. Ten stars!!” – Olivia P, IL

“The book has color pictures of the actual murals. It’s incredible to see the pages I am coloring and then look at the back of the book and compare them with the murals. This is a one-of-a-kind experience. No other coloring book is like this one. 100% recommended.” – Jonathan M. NY

“This might be the best coloring book you don’t know about. A true gem!” – Rachel Z, FL

Designed with ❤ in Wynwood

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Reimagine the murals of the world-famous Wynwood walls and turn them into your own with the all new and improved second edition of the best-selling Wynwood Coloring Book. Relieve stress and engage your creative mind while following the steps of world-class Wynwood street artists.


  • Embossed softcover, matte finish
  • Spiral-bound for easy folding
  • Accurate Wynwood street art-based illustrations
  • 8″ wide x 8″ tall
  • Weights 11.2 ounces
  • World-class street artists Ron English, Beau Stanton, Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Case Maclaim, Interesni Kazki, Aquarela, Claudia la Bianca, Trek 6, Skott Marsi, Didi, Freaky Kiss, Kazilla, Marcus Blake, Chris Pyrate, Renda Writer & many others.
  • From minimal to highly-detailed coloring pages
  • Eco-friendly woodfree thick paper that doesn’t bleed easily
  • 76 pages including perforated coloring pages easily detachable
  • Full-color pictures of the murals in an artist directory
  • Favorite Miami Art Basel gift and Wynwood souvenir
  • Wynwood Coloring Book Newest Edition

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Dimensions20 × 20 × 1 cm

16 reviews for The Wynwood Coloring Book 2

  1. Lannie A

    This is a wonderfully fun coloring book. Top quality. The pages can be detached to be framed or given as a gift. Best coloring book ever! Thank you

  2. Olivia P

    I purchased The Wynwood Coloring Book during my visit to Miami in Art Basel. This is the best souvenir. It’s affordable and full of amazing art. All my friends asks me about the book back home in Chicago. Ten stars!!

  3. Amy Hagan

    I give it 3 eyes and a cue: Inspiring. Inquiring. Involving. Get this book if you’re on a Quest to grow your inner mind.

  4. Augustin

    I received the second edition of the Wynwood Coloring Book for Christmas and I love it. It is small enough to take with me anywhere and color on my lap. The paper is sturdy so I’m not afraid I’m going to tear the page accidentally. And the pages are perforated, which is a cool detail I haven’t seen before. I like it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tommy M

    This is a great solution for boring meetings. Stop scrolling your Instagram and get creative once in a while.

  6. Karina

    Amazing quality

  7. Joseph

    We love it, thanks

  8. Frankie J

    While the whole point of adult coloring may be to turn your brain off. This book adds an extra element of interacting with real world art. The best coloring book I’ve purchased.

  9. Lori A

    Who wants to color mandalas when you can recreate street art!

  10. Jay R

    We all have busy lives, but wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time relieving that stress and business with some coloring? This is by far my favorite coloring book. Coloring real world-class art in an easy way anybody can do, even myself, is priceless. Fantastic work. Congratulations!

  11. Dirk W

    I think what you’re doing and the mission your on is totally awesome. I have my second book arriving tomorrow and now I want the ultimate street art book as well as the Brooklyn. As far as I’m concerned I’ll be purchasing any and all street art books you produce in the future. I’m a PT and I’ve already shared your YouTube videos and recommended your books as therapy to numerous clients. Thanks again and let’s definitely stay in touch.

  12. Jonathan M

    The book have color pictures of the actual murals. It’s incredible to see the pages I am coloring and then look at the back of the book and compare them with the murals. This is a one-of-a-kind experience. No other coloring book is like this one. 100% recommended.

  13. Michelle F

    Love this adult coloring book. The material is eco friendly yet high in quality. Pages are perforated for easy removal to frame or send to friend or loved one. The art is unique, unlike most adult coloring books and the concept of wynwood street artist collection is fascinating. I also love how they’ve included short bios about the artists in the back of the book. Brings my “doodle time” to another level. My absolute favorite thing about purchasing this book is that an educational textbook is provided to children in need. A nourishment from soul to soul.

  14. Anna K

    This is the second adult coloring book I’ve purchased from Aimful Books and I couldn’t be happier. What a great idea to put street art in an adult coloring book, it never gets old! It’s awesome that the artists get exposure and even more awesome that books are donated to children in need! I can’t wait for the next one.

  15. Andrew R

    Sick of mandalas? This coloring book will change your life! Get it!

  16. Paul

    I live in Macau, SAR China and saw the first book promoted, I don’t recall where, but it struck me as a brilliant idea, so I ordered two! They arrived safely and quickly, and I was able to begin my ‘colouring challenge’ with a fellow artist here in Macau. We worked our way through the book, taking a week or so on each image, and we would meet up to see how the other had interpreted the page. Too early, though, we soon finished the book and swapped with one another. We tried other colouring books, but, somehow, we just didn’t get that same buzz or feeling of anticipation, and our challenge waned… And then Diego contacted me with the great news that not only was there to be a second Wynwood book, but others, too! I immediately ordered two of each and I haven’t regretted it since- the images are fresh, stimulating and challenging, and the game is back on! We’re just starting to colour our first image in the second book and will compare next friday. I’m so happy to have this creative outlet back in my life. I can’t wait for the Brooklyn book to arrive. Thank you, Diego, it also warms my heart knowing my purchases help disadvantaged kids, too. As a teacher, I know how important it is for them to have good quality materials available. This one is a no brainer!

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