The Wynwood Coloring Book 1

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Have you ever wanted to create your own street art but didn’t know where to start? Don’t know how to hold a can of spray paint? With this coloring book, you will not learn to do any of that, but you will be able to make the famous Wynwood street art your own with these detachable pages.

It’s good to be creative in your daily life, but you don’t need to be a daredevil breaking into warehouses or abandoned buildings to unleash your potential. Use this coloring book as a tool to relax by coloring your favorite street art and murals pulled directly from the walls of Wynwood, Miami. Discover your inner artist!

This premium socially responsible coloring book features the works of local street artists along with international figures such as Mijares, Alex Senna, Jenny Perez, DaveL, Luis Valle, Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez, and Fallen Rose.

Coloring is a powerful relaxation technique that will give you countless hours of entertainment while you discover the patterns and styles used by professional street artists.
Discover your inner artist!

The only project that combines art, mindfulness, education, and giving back—all in one package!

“Absolutely amazing… Over time, the murals get painted over by other works, but with the coloring book, they remain alive.” – Miami New Times

“I’m thrilled to be chosen among such a talented group of artists for the Wynwood Coloring Book! Order yours today and bring my art to life!” – DaveL, street artist

“I was just showing my wife what you have been working towards and we love it, so awesome to see this all come to life and evolve over the past few years. Awesome work dude and so happy to see how you are applying it towards social good in this way!” – Pawn Price, street artist

Designed with ❤ in Wynwood

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Adult coloring book created by the best street artists in Wynwood, the largest street art district in the world. Made with high-quality woodfree paper, The Wynwood Coloring Book 1 is the original street art coloring book and the first one of the best-seller series. It’s designed to spark your creativity with the help of world-class Wynwood muralists. The illustrations are bonafide black and white replicas of murals from the Wynwood Art District in Miami.


  • Embossed softcover, matte finish
  • Spiral-bound for easy folding
  • Accurate Wynwood street art-based illustrations
  • 8″ wide x 8″ tall
  • Weights 9.8 ounces
  • World-class street artists Mijares, Alex Senna, Jason Botkin, Chris Riggs, Jenny Perez, DaveL, Luis Valle, Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez, Claudia la Bianca, Daniel Fila, Lola Blu, Diana Contreras, Indie 184, Jim Mahfood, Sheryo & The Yok, Stinkfish, Fallen Rose & many others.
  • From minimal to highly-detailed coloring pages
  • Eco-friendly woodfree thick paper that doesn’t bleed easily
  • 64 pages including perforated coloring pages easily detachable
  • Full-color pictures of the murals in an artist directory
  • Original first book in the Street Art Coloring Book Series

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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 cm

28 reviews for The Wynwood Coloring Book 1

  1. DaveL

    I’m thrilled to be chosen among such a talented group of artists for the Wynwood Coloring Book! Order yours today and bring my art to life!

  2. Claudia La Bianca

    I’m so excited and thankful to be part of the Wynwood Coloring Book

  3. Celeste

    This is my favorite coloring book. I have it at my coffee table and when friends visit they love to browse through the pages. I have a way to show them one of my favorites cities.

  4. Monica J

    Coloring is my new thing

  5. Raphael G

    Spring is here and so is my copy of the The Wynwood Coloring Book. This book is amazing, awesome artists, very high quality. Can’t wait to have at it. My biggest problem is I only ordered one, but I can fix that! Check them out if you haven’t, we need more great work like this.

  6. Misha T

    Proud to be a part of this really cool project – The Wynwood Coloring Book!!! This is one of my pieces in the book colored in based on a mural design I did in Wynwood for Art Basel Miami this past December

  7. Emily P

    One of those, why didn’t I think of that moments. Great collection of local artists pieces (spy them on walls throughout the neighborhood) ready to be colored by the masses. Love it!

  8. Pawn Price

    Cool to see other peoples, especially kids interpretations of my chameleon illustration based off my mural in Miami. You could color your own with the The Wynwood Coloring Book

  9. Caroline G

    I just spotted this book at Books & Books and couldn’t resist and got one. Absolutely love it! I wanted to let you guys know

  10. Julio:

    I got this book during Art Basel and I absolutely love it. The Wynwood Coloring Book is genius!

  11. Lia

    They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” so I’m showing Wynwood some love from a distance today

  12. Barbara G

    A little evening re-imagining Alex Senna’s piece inside the wynwood coloring book. This book is my favorite coloring book now

  13. Melanie L

    When the mailman brings you the dopest coloring book! Just got my book. Thank you Wynwood Coloring Book!

  14. Diana C.

    Childhood dream came true! Thank you wynwood coloring book! This book is so much fun I love coloring

  15. Nasin

    My morning coloring session with the Wynwood Coloring Book. My father has his own copy and he loves it!

  16. JMB

    I just ordered my book! I love these coloring! It’s a total meditation. It helps me zone out and change the channel in the brain room. A necessary practice for any creative person! Can’t wait till it arrives. Yay!

  17. Michael S

    Finished my first page of my new wynwood coloring book. haven’t used colored pencils in like 15 years!

  18. Cathlyn N.

    Winding down from a busy week with an adult beverage & an adult coloring book. Thank you Aimful Books!

  19. Jacky

    People be shuttering and I be coloring!

  20. Jonathan

    Got my copy of the Wynwood Coloring Book and Art Basel is here!

  21. Melissa B

    Just found the Wynwood Coloring Book at the Perez Museum. It would make a great holiday gift, so I got two. I came here to get another. Absolutely love it

  22. Mariana S

    Art Basel is this week and we just got the wynwood coloring book in! We’re so excited to paint our favorite street art and murals pulled directly from the walls of Wynwood. Great concept. Great idea!

  23. Philipp

    My creative escape

  24. B Hong

    When I visited USA, I bought a coloring book from Wynwood in Miami, Florida and this is my first coloring book. It is such a great coloring book! So happy I got it

  25. Jack G

    Hi Wynwood Coloring Book from Miami, Florida! I completed this assignment in my Design & Draw class, where the coloring book was recommended to me by my teacher, Ms. Wals. Our class is from Pelham Manor, New York. I love your Coloring Book and templates that keep me busy! Thanks!

  26. Nas

    My father making progress with his Wynwood Coloring Book. Thank you all!

  27. Jorge Miguel Rodriguez

    Love seeing the many ways my characters are colored into the Wynwood Coloring Book

  28. Cristina M

    Color your own version of Wynwood artists’ murals! The Wynwood Coloring Book designed by Diego Orlandini is the perfect momento of our neighborhood. Every book sold is matched with an educational textbook for children in need. We picked up one at Miam, where did you get your copy?

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